Spreading the Spores and the Seeds for Our Individual and Collective Healing: The Paradox of Psychedelics

In this age of the psychedelic renaissance, skeptics and critics abound. Psychedelics are re-emerging in mainstream culture and media for their therapeutic, medicinal, spiritual, and even professional benefits. Humanity is increasingly finding them integral to helping us individually and collectively find healing and wellness. Psychedelics and cannabis are re-emerging for…

I have seen dermatologists on and off for most of life. From what I recall, every time I would go to the doctor, I would be asked, “How long have you had eczema for?” I often met this question with a blank stare, thinking really? My succinct, matter-of-fact response was simply, “My whole life.”

My skin fluctuates between calm periods and flare-ups. I have learned that my skin’s inflammation is tied to the stressors in my life, the amount of sleep I get, the level of humidity in the air, the food I eat, how much exercise I get, whether I feel connected and…


Mother, wellness advocate, healer. https://linktr.ee/healinglivmama FB Group WellnessAwakening at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wellnessawakeningllc

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