So many excellent points!! So many of us are conditioned to try to stay in relationships and to make it work. While that can ostensibly seem like - and even be - a valid option, it is also important to hold partners accountable. If your partner isn't truly sorry or able to show real remorse or change their behaviors, it's important to remember that actions speak louder than words.

"I'm sorry," however it's said, cannot undo past behaviors. I do believe humans are capable of moving forward and showing groth, but in relationships, partners need to earn trust and to show respect and do the work they need on themselves as well. I've learned personally to better articulate my needs and to not accept guys doing the bare minimum or consistently showing me disrespect/a lack of mindfulness, particularly if I've called them out on it and they have not made moves to change. It's important that we not take others for granted, and that we take accountability for both communicating our feelings and stepping up to change if a partner has communicated that their needs are not being met.

Mother, wellness advocate, healing practitioner, and writer

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