Yes, but the irony is now that dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder now ban women who even hint at wanting to be spoiled or taken care of by a man. It's really a double-standard that the apps are profiting from men but don't allow women to state that they'd like to be taken care of (to any degree). I understand and agree that these dating apps are not for sugar daddy kind of relationships, but women are being barred from dating platforms for asserting that we like men to take care of us (I say this as someone who just got banned). I think it is a very delicate subject, but I do think it's fair to expect that men are more of the providers, as women still tend to to significantly more of the work in the home, espcially when we have children (as in my case, being a sole care child provider to a child). I agree that wealth does not determine your worth, but the principle of generosity is huge, and it's also clear to be realistic with dating partners about your and each other's needs, financially and otherwise.

Mother, wellness advocate, healing practitioner, and writer

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